The real class divide


The liberal media is trying to keep quiet the issue of the recent ObamaCare bailout for members of congress and their staffs.

The Affordable Care Act states clearly that all members of congress and their staff must buy their health insurance through a dreaded ObamaCare exchange.

Democrats in particular freaked out and so the White House in early August conjured out of thin air a bailout for the political elite. Not only that but the Office of Personnel Management announced, with no legal authority, that congress could keep receiving its giant premium subsidies.

This White House fix of a special privilege for Obama’s political class is infuriating Americans.

The reality is that Democrats, far more than Republicans, wanted this fix. They are terrified of their own creation and self-interest. Republicans will also have to hold their own self-interest hostage if they are serious about stopping the ObamaCare law.

Why is America so more unpopular in so many parts of the Middle East than it was 6 years ago? Drawing red linds in the sand and then stepping back when they are crossed doesn’t build confidence.

Why does the Obama approval rating continue to recede? America’s respect in the world is in rapid decline because when put to the test, our politicians have failed to deliver.

The Wall Street Journal on Sept. 4 stated the following:

“Mr. Obama is luckier in his opposition in Congress than was President George W. Bush. Mr. Bush had Senator Barack Obama, who opposed his predecessor’s foreign policy at nearly every turn, including relentless hostility to the 2007 ‘surge’ that defeated the Iraq insurgency.

“Mr. Bush was also stuck with Senator Joe Biden, who opposed the Iraq surge, and who also opposed George H.W. Bush on the 1990 Gulf War, as well as Ronald Reagan on missile defenses and escorting tankers in the Persian Gulf in 1987.

“The challenge is finding a single security policy by a Republican President that Mr. Biden did support as a Democratic Senator-save for the Iraq war resolution in 2002 that he soon repudiated when the going got tough.”

Phony Joe. Mr. Vice Detrimental.

In May, Barack Obama told an audience at the National Defense University that the core of al Qaeda was “on the path to defeat.”

Why then did we subsequently shutter 19 U.S. embassies and consulates in Africa and the middle east? Facts and analysis were arranged to suit policy goals, but the facts and analysis were wrong.

The Wall Street Journal editorial page said it best, “The real class divide in President Obama’s America is between the political class and everyone else.”

George Zaio

Iron Mountain