I hope it snows


On Wednesday, Aug. 24, a person chose to take a snowblower I was selling from my front yard.

I hope it snows this year and the person can take full advantage of its use to earn some money to meet their daily needs.

Fixing old equipment, and selling it, is my hobby. Ask my wife, I don’t make enough money doing it so the loss is inconsequential.

The carburetor will leak if it sits in hot weather, so remember to shut the gas off when you are not using it. It uses 10w30 oil. Prime twice, pull twice on choke at full throttle. Take the choke off and it will fire right up.

If you want a lawn mower next spring I will give you a good deal.

If the police contact you, we can work something out. I would be more than willing to let you make payments when you earn some money with it.

Daniel Olson