More control over our city


This November, the voters of Kingsford will choose two city council members – and who they choose could mean the difference between forming an Iron Mountain-Kingsford Public Safety Authority or not.

I have put a lot of time and thought into this controversial issue, and have asked a lot of questions to many people, including former Kingsford City Manager Darryl Wickman, present City Manager Tony Edlebeck, Iron Mountain City Manager Jordan Stanchina, former Kingsford Mayor Paul Novara, present Kingsford City Council member Jeff Pearson, Iron Mountain Mayor Bruce Rosen, Iron Mountain Police Chief Pete Flaminio, and Iron Mountain City Council Members Ted Corombos and Dale Alessandrini, and have read an independent study by Dr. Lynn R Harvey, on the feasibility of forming an Iron Mountain Kingsford Public Safety Authority.

All agree that the same level of emergency services can be maintained with a substantial savings to both cities.

The nay-sayers use terms like, it’s a lie, we need to educate the public, it’s not going to work – and the best one to scare the public out of the nay-sayers playbook is that there are criminals around every corner.

I call this the “boogyman” strategy.

The present Kingsford City Council members who are against merging emergency services with Iron Mountain are either present union members or are collecting union pensions.

I am not against unions, I am for the people.

I feel that voting for Mark Wiederrect and Scott Person this November, will bring us, “the people” more control over our city, and less self-interest influences that now rule the Kingsford City Council.

I will address any questions regarding this.

Go to the Kingsford City web page, click on council members, and there is my personal contact info.

Brian K Smeester


City of Kingsford