Sinkhole filled; to be monitored


Staff Writer

IRON MOUNTAIN – A small sinkhole that was discovered earlier this week on Iron Mountain’s north side has been filled in and will continue to be monitored.

The sinkhole was discovered on the walking trail near Chapin Pit on the north side of Iron Mountain.

Dickinson County Mine Inspector Steven Smith said that he has determined that the sinkhole is not part of a mine shaft. There is a shaft in the area, but it is about 100 feet away, he added.

While vacuuming materials out of the hole, Smith discovered rubble such as sandstone and rock.

“It appears to be a pile of demolition material that the rain had caused to settle,” he said. “We backfilled the hole and added water and we’ll keep an eye on it.”

Smith said that he sees a lot of these types of sinkholes after heavy rains. In fact, he had heard of two similar-sized sinkholes in the Vulcan area just days after the hole in Iron Mountain was found.

All three sinkholes were about three feet in diameter and about three to four feet deep.

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