The ones deciding


Only America’s surviving veterans, not the U.S. Congress, the U.S. president, or the United Nations should ever be the ones deciding as to whether the United States engages anyone in any more costly wars.

America wastes more borrowed money on foreign wars than we do trying to administer to our current neglected and forgotten veterans.

One in four homeless in America is a veteran and there are approximately 67 thousand homeless veterans in our country daily.

Isn’t trying to help and rescue them more important than trying to rid the world of tyranny and dictators?

And wouldn’t it be more cost effective to resolve our impending veteran’s crisis than to continually waste billions of borrowed dollars on somebody else’s war and their fleeing refugees?

Every 60 to 80 minutes daily another veteran commits suicide, and only one out of every ten veterans has health insurance.

Isn’t rescuing even one current American veteran more important than starting another fruitless war and creating another glut of disenfranchised veterans?

Staffers in the Department of Veterans Affairs have been reaping millions of dollars in bonuses while approximately 600,000 veterans claims still are unresolved.

Before any American politician ever asks another citizen to strap on combat boots and become another veteran statistic on behalf of some preconceived foreign foolishness, he or she should be required to go about each of their respective voting districts and resolve every single unresolved veteran issue to the satisfaction of that particular veteran first.

And, if political Washington would focus its ambitions domestically on saving its forgotten veterans instead of being determined to once again make new ones, there’d probably never be another estranged American veteran or war.

Roger Newhouse

Niagara, Wis.