Norway Speedway crowns season champions

NORWAY – Norway Speedway champions were crowned in the final event of the Dickinson County Racing Association season Sunday.

Dickinson County Fair presented the Labor Day 100, with Robbie Iverson and 2013 Wisconsin International Raceway champion Mike Myerhofer leading the field to the green flag.

After a caution on lap 33, Tom Lindquist jumped back to the top groove while Dalton Zehr went low. Lindquist went a little too wide in corner two, drifting up into the marbles and ruining his momentum as Zehr kept low and completed the pass.

Zehr led the remainder of the race for his ninth feature of the season.

Zehr entered the Labor Day 100 already clinching the Coca-Cola late model championship, but he is also chasing the ASA Member Track National Championship.

As of late last month, Zehr was leading Mark MacKesy of State Park Speedway.

Throughout the season, drivers competing in the premier divisions at eligible ASA member tracks are in the running for the national championship. In order to have a chance for the national title, a driver must first win their 2013 track championship.

The tightest point battle heading into the night was in the Auto Value Super Stock Division, with Brett Bray holding a three-point advantage on Tanner Kelly.

Bray, despite breaking a ball joint during a warm-up lap in his qualifying heat, took second in the feature for the season title. Bryce Cuggino won the feature.

Matt Adams maneuvered his way through the largest DQ-Dog four-cylinder feature this year to win his second of the season.

Cody Skog entered the night 16 points ahead of Rhianna Carne and did enough to hold on for his third DQ-Dog championship in the last four seasons.

Full Norway Speedway results follow:


Feature – 1. Dalton Zehr; 2. Tom Lindquist; 3. Scott Stanchina; 4. Reagan May; 5. Brian Stanchina.

Last Chance Race (winner enters Labor Day 100) – 1. Mike D’Angelo; 2. Jordan Ives.

Fast dash – Brandon Reichenberger.

Fast heat – Robbie Iverson.

Heat winners – Mike D’Angelo, first; Jordan Ives, second heat.

Fast qualifier – Dalton Zehr, 14.533, 82.57 mph.

2013 championship points – 1. Dalton Zehr 840 pts; 2. Dillon Kralovetz 668; 3. Mike Reichenberger 647; 4. Brandon Reichenberger 629; 5. Tom Lindquist 613.

ASA Member Track National Championship standings(As of Aug. 30) – 1. Dalton Zehr, Norway Speedway, 3.0639; 2. Mark MacKesy, State Park Speedway, 2.6850; 3. Ryan Stiltner, Lonesome Pine Raceway, 2.3258


Feature – 1. Bryce Cuggino; 2. Brett Bray; 3. Tim Schultz; 4. Mark Jenshak; 5. Dave Meyerhofer.

Qualifying race winners – Ron Jenshak (first) and Mark Bubloni (second).

Fast qualifier – Brett Bray, 16.325, 73.506 mph

Championship results – 1. Brett Bray 835 pts; 2. Tanner Kelly 828 pts; 3. Tim Schultz 803 pts; 4. Mark Jenshak 768 pts; 5. John Mattia Jr 713 pts.


Feature – 1. Matt Adams.

Fast qualifier – (non modified) Rhianna Carne.


Heat race winners – Shawn Ellis, first; Corey Kemkes, second.

Fast qualifier – Brian Monday, 16.882. 71.081 mph.