Draw a red line


Hear ye, hear ye, good news peasants. POTUS and family have a new dog.

Who paid for said animal? Surely not BHO. The purchase was covered by Obamacare. Didn’t you read the bill? Will the new dog require a second handler at $100,000 a year?

Will the new arrival be able to travel with the older dog or will we be required to fund additional aircraft and air fare? We certainly wouldn’t want a conflict to occur between the two dogs not knowing which dog is alpha. Once again the number one free loaders will require someone else to pick up the tab.

The new dog’s arrival is a harbinger of things to come. POTUS will soon be asking to increase taxes on dog food, dog tags, dog licenses and all dog related items and don’t be surprised if POTUS asks for a new tax on veterinary services for canines.

In keeping with his beliefs, the increased costs will be passed onto the middle class. The poor will be subsidized and the rich, particularly political donors will be exempt. Congress and its staff will be exempt by claiming that the imposition of this tax would be unreasonable burden on them.

By the way, on Aug. 24, 2013, POTUS met with his national security advisers to tell them he got a new box of crayons so they could draw another red line.

Time for us to draw a red line and the next time POTUS crosses it, we remove him from office.

Sheldon Minsky

Iron Mountain