Work continues at City Park


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IRON MOUNTAIN – Quite a bit of progress is going on right now at City Park in Iron Mountain during the second year of projects through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Trust Fund Grant.

The city received the $500,000 grant to make improvements to the park with the work being coordinated through project manager Kevin Trevillian of Coleman Engineers of Iron Mountain.

Trevillian addressed city council at Monday’s meeting to talk about the paving, work on the new restrooms, and improvements to the deer enclosure pond which are all in full swing at City Park.

He noted that the new restrooms, which are near the bocce building, are up to floor slab level, the paving started last week on the roadways, the deer fence was moved, and the trail going around the deer enclosure is three-fourths completed.

“We’ve got the topsoil screening going on and the road side restoration completed. In the next week, we will start to see improvements to the pond with the aeration pump and new liner and moving the embankment that was quite steep by flattening it out,” he said. “Things are going very well. They did a great job on the fencing and it looks good.”

Trevillian said that he will be meeting with the city’s chief financial officer to total the inkind labor costs as well as process the pay requests so they can submit these costs for reimbursement from the Michigan DNR Trust Fund.

“I feel good where the project is at and in a month we’ll have a better picture on the outstanding items that still need to be done – the frisbee golf course and skateboard park,” Trevillian said.

City Manager Jordan Stanchina asked when the line striping would be done on the two-way road that is going to the athletic fields – where the old exit to the park was located.

“It will happen in the next couple of weeks,” Trevillian said. “The whole thing will be wrapped up for this year’s projects in 2-3 weeks.”

Stanchina also asked about the new signing that was needed for traffic stopping by the playground area when the traffic is coming and going from the athletic fields.

“We have a traffic control order we will need to pass to go along with the signage. The former exit to the park is now the entrance and exit to the fields, so we have to retrain people with the proper signs,” Stanchina said.

Councilman Bob Moraska asked Trevillian where the city is at on the match required with the grant.

“We are doing really well although we haven’t analyzed it exactly since the spring. We may be getting some help with the entrance and exit paving from the Dickinson County Bike Path Committee for that section that will connect to their bike path on Harding,” Trevillian said.

Going along with the bathrooms, work completed at the park this summer included the installation of the new septic system.

With the $500,000 grant, the city’s matching funds was 26 percent or $175,000 which brought the total available to spend on improvements to $675,600.

The city has applied for an extension with the MDNRTF to allow the project to be completed by November 2014 rather than May 1, 2014.

When the grant was awarded in May 2011, the city was given three years in which to complete the projects.

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