Iron Mountain looking sharp


Just a word of praise for the Iron Mountain DDA manager. Wow!

What he has accomplished in the few short years he has been here.

The unveiling ot the mural in downtown is the latest. But have you also been enjoying those beautiful hanging baskets of flowers? What about the stage area where you’ve been hearing music every Thursday for the Out to Lunch program?

Notice the gorgeous landscaping? Did you see the new bike racks? Did you enjoy Italian Fest this year? What about the Third Tuesday family event?

And the Farmer’s Market in the summer just keeps getting better and better. And that’s not all. Farmer’s Market continues even through the winter.

I also heard something about another half-marathon. Jonathan Ringel, accolades to you. Your hard work and creative ideas for Iron Mountain are really beginning to show in big way.

I know you have great help with volunteers and Northwoods Garden Club, to mention just a few. But maybe you have such great volunteers because you are such a personable and easy person to work with.

So hats off to not only you, but everyone who helps. Iron Mountain is looking sharp.

Chris Allen