Escanaba too much for Wykon girls

IRON RIVER – West Iron County ran into a “strong, well coached team” in high school girls tennis Wednesday.

“We played well in many matches but were unable to put points together to win games,” Wykons coach Denise Spelgatti said after an 8-0 loss to Escanaba. “I am happy that the girls don’t quit and are still working hard.”

West Iron No. 4 doubles Lexi Kinner-Megan Quayle played three sets with a tiebreaker.

“That match was so close it became a marathon in the sun,” Spelgatti said. “Lexi and Megan are really playing well together.”

West Iron visits Iron Mountain on Friday “which will be a good test and then we have some days to actually practice.”

Results follow:


SINGLES – 1. Johanna Snowden (ESC) def Haley Anderson 6-2, 6-2; 2. Anna Burch (ESC) def Tori Harris 6-4,6-3; 3. Kayla Burch (ESC) def Kiki Piwarski 6-4,6-2; 4. Emily LaFave (ESC) def Michelle Wiegand 6-3,6-0.

DOUBLES – 1. Olivia Berquist-Shelby Gregoire (ESC) def Jessie Prudhomme-Meg Miatech 6-1,6-2; 2. Audrey Wilson-Breanna Dault (ESC) def Brittanie Barry-Emmy Kinner 6-1,6-1; 3. Paige Lancour-Olivia LaForest (ESC) def Alexis Golfis-Kristin Smith 6-1,6-2; 4. Hannah Beversluis-Rebecca Clark (ESC) def Lexi Kinner-Megan Quayle 6-4,2-6,7-6 (2).