Here we go again


Obama manipulates the media along with his White House buddies, I should say cronies.

From a street manipulator to the president of the U.S. of A, quite a jump from a nobody to the highest elected office in the land.

Let’s examine just what’s going on and how it can happen. Watch a few Godfather movies to start with, watch how the mafia, controls Chicago, read about Detroit and why it’s falling apart, why the public unions follow Obama like sheep. He tells his followers you don’t have to work, I will feed you, cloth you take care of you, just vote for me.

Obama got his training by following these examples, which is pure socialism big time and it fails every time it’s tried.

Americans, wake up, and die right.

Manipulating is cunning and Obama is a master at it he controls the media coverage. This maneuvering of the media is to get full power and control, but it’s not new if you have socialism tendency – examples Castro Cuba, Mussolini Italy, Stalin Russia, Hitler Germany, Ho-Chi-Min China. These are just a few; many have tried and all have failed.

It’s history Americans, read about it and see where you’re headed, our for fathers knew better and gave us a God original Constitution and Bill of Rights, but Obama and his appointed buddies with socialism on their minds, will not follow common sense.

We are in a strictly no-God government. It is not government by the citizen but by the power hungry dictators.

And we are falling for this crap big time. Americans, wake up and die right.

We have become a nation of takers (losers). Takers want everything free, but us taxpayers do the paying. Nothing is free or should I say, everything will be free, but you.

We are dealing with low information voters “plunkers” and Obama and his gang will get them to vote for the free stuff he is promising them and it’s all baloney.

There was once a political party in America called the “No Nothing Party.”

Oh, well, here we go again. Only God can set us free.

Joseph Joe Massie