Fence Bible Church hosts VBS

FENCE, Wis. – “Grace Changes Everything” was the theme for this year’s Vacation Bible School held in Fence, Wis. and sponsored by the Fence Bible Church.

The church has been having this program for more than 30 years. The “Rural Bible Crusade,” established in 1939 and based in Marshfield, Wis., has been sending teams throughout Wisconsin to teach children Bible verses and to learn abut Jesus.

Doing a wonderful job of working with the children this year, were leaders Danielle and Lydia Townsend of Wausaukee, Wis. and Charity R. from Green Bay, Wis.

On Parent’s Night, after Pastor Tim Smith of the Fence Bible Church, led everyone in prayer, the children recited scriptures, sang songs and did skits to the delight of their parents. After the program, refreshments were served by Judy Smith.

Children attending were: Elie, Paul, Nathan, Thomas and Trina Phillips, Riley Huth and William Liebergen of Fence; Tyler Schnell, Christopher Franks, Shelby Lomack, Tyler and Krystal Moddie of Goodman, Wis.; Isabel Jones of Amasa and Caleb Bicket of Guerney, Ill.