The right decision


On Sunday, Aug. 18, we shopped at Walmart in Iron Mountain. Later, when I went to pay for goods at another local business, I discovered my debit card missing. Needless to say, I was panic stricken.

After going through the car and my wallet, I returned to Walmart to discover that a Good Samaritan had found the card in the parking lot and turned it in at the Customer Service counter.

I want to applaud the honest person for not only returning the debit card, but also for restoring my faith in humanity. With all the negative events happening around us, we sometimes forget that as a whole, people are good, honest, and kind.

When I told a good friend, who lives in a southern state, the story, he replied had that happened where he resides, a few thousand dollars would have been charged on the card before it was discovered missing.

As a transplant who retired way down south here in the U.P. from Alaska, I want to, again, recognize the honest person whose deed confirmed that I made the right decision.

Tom Pennington

Crystal Falls