IM officials reject request to purchase Millie Hill land


Staff Writer

IRON MOUNTAIN – Iron Mountain officials have denied a request to purchase 4.5 acres of city-owned property on Millie Hill

Michael Laydon of Iron Mountain had indicated that he was interested in purchasing the property.

City staff and members of city council have visited to the property.

City Manager Jordan Stanchina said the city is in the process of completing a water system study that includes exploring areas for new well sites.

“A well site on Millie Hill has always been discussed and could potentially be located on the proposed property. It would not be in the best interest of the city to sell the land and then find out that it could have been a potential well site,” Stanchina said.

It was the recommendation of the Operations and Management Committee to deny the sales request at this time. The city owns about eight acres in that area.

City officials have also approved guidelines for the deer management program this year, including waiving the $15 land use fee to attract more hunters.

The rules were also amended to allow hunting on five acre parcels to help open up more areas for hunting. Previously, the city only allowed hunting on 10 acre parcels.

Another guideline added this year will be to have the deer permits that are not used, returned to the city within two weeks from the time they are issued.

Last year, 73 deer were harvested through the program that seeks to reduce the number of deer in the city by allowing bowhunting.

Stanchina will also be looking at getting some crop damage permits, which would allow for hunting from Sept. 1 until the start of the firearm deer season.

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