He was the driving force


I realize there were several agencies and key players involved that had significant roles in this project, but in my mind, he was the driving force behind the upgrading of this Lake Antoine-Quinnesec Road.

He had this project in mind for a long time, but it only has been the last 3-4 years that he started to motivate the right people.

The he, if you haven’t guessed it yet, is Breitung Township Supervisor, Denny Olson. Without his persistence I don’t think it would have come to be. Working on a project of this magnitude, Denny lives by the two P’s, persistence and patience.

A meeting I attended a while back organized by Denny at the Township Hall included several speakers. Mike Premo, Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) supervisor from Crystal Falls talked about our state highway department’s financial condition. He seemed to be very clear in stating there were no highway department funds available for this project.

After the meeting I talked with Denny and much to my amazement he was still very optimistic.

He said, “It may take a couple years, but we’ll get it done.”

I was very impressed with his positive attitude. Denny would like to see a better working relationship between our municipalities and county agencies toward road projects of this type which would help better our community.

Playing the political game Denny makes several trips to Lansing on other township business or U.P. loggers association business. While in Lansing he finds time to touch base with his friends in the Lansing office of MDOT. Denny also keeps in close contact with our State Senator Tom Casperson, a former logger, and Representative Ed McBroom.

I’m sure the logging truckers with their pups swaying will feel a little more safe while navigating the hills and curves on the newly upgraded road.

Systems Control employees who use this road will enjoy the twice daily trip with a little less apprehension. Hats off, also goes out to Systems management for their support for this project.

A big congratulations goes to Denny Olson for all his efforts on this project.

If you want to express your appreciation, give Denny a bump on his cell, 906-250-0181.

Hager Anderson