Are not in the wolf area


First of all I thought that I was through with wolf comments, but with the HSUS wanting to stop the wolf hunts in the U.P., I’m devastated.

In the early 1930s my dad was surrounded by wolves southwest of Marquette.

Only by his ingenuity did he escape with his life.

I have seen them coming up my drive and also looking in my kitchen window and running down the shores of Sawyer Lake.

They have chased all of the deer out of their natural winter habitat and into cities, towns and anywhere people feed them.

I own 40 acres of cedar swamp in the middle of 200 acres of cedar. It used to be loaded with deer in the winter but is void of them because the wolves have chased them out to people who feed them and towns like Iron Mountain and Kingsford.

You can watch at least 10 deer walk by your window at Sawyer Lake.

No one should be allowed to shoot them. They should be stun-gunned and put into the 200 acres of cedar swamp for wolf food or to feed on their natural habitat.

Last year the local people did not feed them enough and they ate the bottom third of the apple orchard of my old homestead, which is a little over one quarter of a mile from the 200 acres of cedar swamp.

Let’s keep the wolf hunt and not give the voters the right to stop it.

It gives 90 percent of the people who are not in the wolf area the right to stop the wolf hunt just to watch them waltz through the woods.

In fact we should do something to reduce the wolf population where it is sending deer out of their natural habitat and into cities and local areas.

Leo Fende