Lake Antoine Road project moving forward

IRON MOUNTAIN – Work on Quinnesec-Lake Antoine Road could begin after the Labor Day holiday, Dickinson County Road Commission officials announced.

Officials from the Dickinson County Road Commission, Michigan Department of Transportation, city of Iron Mountain, and Payne & Dolan Inc. of Gladstone have met to discuss the proposed road work.

The bid from Payne & Dolan was opened as the low bid earlier this month.

The award is expected in the next few weeks, said Lance Malburg, Road Commission Engineer.

Construction could begin as early as the day after Labor Day.

An official familiar with the project said “we are working through the paperwork now and expect to have the project under contract with Payne & Dolan shortly. We plan to start work just after Labor Day. With this type of project and funding there are many steps in the process and we appreciate everyone’s patience as we near construction.”

Payne & Dolan plans on starting with the removal of the unsuitable materials at the intersection of Upper Pine Creek Road on Sept. 3, followed by the culvert replacements on the east-west section.

During this, the road will be closed to all but the local traffic, Malburg said.

The alternate route is U.S. 2.

They are predicting this to take approximately 10 days, weather permitting. After the undercut is complete, they are proposing to complete the rest of the project under flag control, he said.

“We ask that traffic as much as possible use alternate routes and avoid the project,” Malburg said. “However, we will do all we can to allow access to the local residents and those that have business in the project area.”

“Lake Antoine Road is acting like an un-official bypass of Iron Mountain,” he said. “Large volumes of vehicles have nearly destroyed the pavement, requiring the Road Commission to place load limits on this road in recent years. When this project is over, the road will be able to handle the traffic it is expected to see.”

The scope of the project is mainly crushing the old pavement into the gravel base and repaving the road, with various cross culvert replacements, along with widening the paved shoulder, undercutting the area near Upper Pine Creek, and other associated work.

The project is broken into two phases, an east-west portion and a north-south portion.

The project is funded through a variety of sources including a Michigan Department of Transportation – Transportation Economic Development Program Category A grant (made available through the help of Systems Control, a division of Northern Star Industries Inc.), Federal Highway Administration’s Rural Surface Transportation Program, city of Iron Mountain, Dickinson County Road Commission, and the Dickinson County Bike Path Committee.