Angels among us


I would like to recognize the noble generosity, compassion and true humanitarianism of a few local people.

We have spent the last seven years on a very terrifying and exhausting medical journey with our 12 year old son. Through this journey, I have realized, in the midst of scary and seemingly hopeless times, there are good people; complete strangers with bigger hearts than I ever knew possible.

We were recently informed and encouraged to contact Northwoods Airlifeline, as our son’s treatments continue.

Complete strangers with utmost cordial service have provided their time, assistance, resources and support to make an ordinarily uneasy time as pleasant as possible.

Words cannot begin to describe how gratefully obliged we are by their acts of sincere kindness. The pilots are magnificent people who will forever remain in our hearts. The folks that support the efforts of these pilots deserve the same kudos.

The volunteers associated with this non-profit organization have not only had a profound impact in our lives, but the lives of many others as well.

A few weeks ago, my son noticed a dirt bike for sale while driving through town.

He was told we couldn’t afford a dirt bike right now, but he insisted on calling.

His conversation with the seller began in Iron Mountain and continued all the way to Norway.

Upon hearing the asking price, he informed the owner that “we’re a little short right now because I go to the doctor a lot.”

We learned this man also has a close family member struggling with the same disease. Later that night, my son received a call back from him to say “come and get the bikeI talked to my son and we want you to come and get itwe don’t need any money for it.just take it and use it for the summer.”

Despite the tears, I explained to my son that we could not accept this very generous offer.

Phone calls to and from this gracious individual finally ended with my husband offering a trade or different arrangement. The man refused, insisting “I just want to do something nice” and that “it’s going to make me a lot happier than it’s going to make you.”

Regardless, it was decided that it would be nice meet each other. And so we met, shared some common interests and laughter, and as we left, he insisted we take the dirt bike with us. Elated in disbelief, tears in eyes, and grinning ear to ear, a worthy friendship began.

I was apprehensive to let someone fly us to doctor appointments and loan my son a dirt bike, surely there must be a catch.

I thought, people don’t just do such things, but, such things happen and people do. Life lessons can certainly be mysterious and scary, but we have been truly blessed to develop a connection with these folks and realize indeed, there are angels among us.

Jill Feldhausen

Crystal Falls