Lawsuit filed against Breitung Township


Staff Writer

IRON MOUNTAIN – A Breitung Township resident has filed a civil lawsuit against the Charter Township of Breitung claiming it is in violation of spot zoning per the township ordinance.

The complaint, filed on Aug. 5 by Sue Reese of 500 Campbell St., states the township is in violation of spot zoning by allowing a business to operate in a house at 600 Campbell St., in a RR-2 Rural Residential Zoned District.

The case has been filed in Dickinson County and assigned to Judge Richard J. Celello.

The township has 21 days after receiving the summons to file a written answer with the court and serve a copy on the other party or take other lawful action with the court.

The lawsuit has been referred to Township Attorney Bill Fahey of Okemos, Mich. following an executive session by the township board at this week’s meeting.

Reese has stated her concerns at several Breitung Township Board of Trustees meetings regarding Shelley Bryne operating a Michigan State Housing Development Agency office for the U.P. out of her home at 600 Campbell St.

Since it is a residential building, Bryne applied for a conditional use permit to operate the office out of the home with five employees. Because of the number of employees of the business exceeded the permit’s limit, a conditional rezoning agreement was investigated and approved by the township.

Reese is concerned about the number of vehicles parked in the driveway on a daily basis and the amount of square-footage of the home that is being used for the business.

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