Trial date changed for Norway woman accused of felony battery


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FLORENCE, Wis. – A jury trial for a Norway woman accused of biting another woman during a bar fight in Aurora, Wis. has been postponed in order to allow her new attorney time to research potential defenses.

Alicia Jean Trottier, 23, was scheduled to go to trial in Florence County Court next Monday for one felony count of substantial battery, one misdemeanor count of battery, and one misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct.

However, Trottier just recently elected to retain a new attorney, Gregory Seibold of Iron Mountain.

On Tuesday, Seibold argued a motion to adjourn the trial date.

Seibold told the court that he is currently researching viable defenses and expert witnesses, but he needs more time to complete the work.

Florence County District Attorney Douglas Drexler pointed out that witnesses have already been subpoenaed for the Aug. 19 trial, and that the victim wants the case to be resolved. However, he also wanted Trottier to have a fair trial.

Judge Leon D. Stenz said that Trottier was informed at her last court hearing that the Aug. 19 trial date was firm. In addition, he expressed concern that Trottier may be intentionally delaying her court proceedings.

After Seibold assured Judge Stenz that his client did not intend to delay proceedings, Judge Stenz agreed to grant the motion.

Trottier’s jury trial is now set for Oct. 8.

The charges against Trottier stem from a March 5 incident.

According to the criminal complaint in the case, Trottier is accused of pulling a woman’s hair and biting her in the face and chest.

The woman went to Dickinson County Memorial Hospital for treatment of a bite to her right cheek and scratch marks.

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