Tariff on all products


I would like to answer the Don Kaul (That’s political bullying) with a little common sense and reasoning.

First of all I am neither Democrat or Republican but vote for the person that I think will help our economy and keep our country’s economy from dipping into a bottomless pit.

Take our global warming spraying project that is costing us billions of dollars and probably has a lot of effect on our weather in our country, tornados, dry and hot in the Southwest, cool and rainy in the U.P.

I am not familiar with South and East areas so I will not comment on that area.

If he wants to make millions of jobs for our working people he would send millions of people south across the border and not make them U.S. citizens.

How can you help the economy with public works jobs?

It cost you billions for a few thousand jobs and put us further in debt, this and strict EPA rules which has sent a lot of industry out of this country.

Overly strict rules for the coal burning industry has cost billions upon billions of dollars in taxes and thousands of jobs.

I would suggest if 60 percent of the people of any industry in the area affected agreed to continue operation, it should continue.

A major problem with any industry leaving this country is that has virtually no pollution control and the pollution travels up to Alaska and Canada, causing global warming.

We should put a tariff on all products imported that had no pollution control on them. This may help the rich but it also will give the unions a much better chance to bargain.

Leo Fende