Pavilion under construction at Crossroads site in Norway

NORWAY – Two years and hundreds of pasties and baked goods later, a new pavilion is taking shape at the Crossroads site. Crossroads is a building sharing partnership between Grace United Methodist and Bethany Lutheran churches, and is home to both congregations.

Fund-raising for the project, which includes the pavilion and a playground, was started two years ago. The total project cost was estimated at about $15,000. Some $3,000 of that amount was for the playground, which has already been completed.

“Our hope is that it will bring families together at church functions as well as just spending an afternoon having a picnic and enjoying watching their children play on the playground,” said spokesperson Ann Adams. “We also think it will a great place for family reunions, outdoor services, weddings, family nights, concerts, or just a relaxing place to sit out of the sun and enjoy the peace and quiet.”

The 32-feet by 48-feet structure will also serve as an added outdoor classroom for VBS and can be used for board meetings or any other meetings now held inside the church.

“With the goal of the playground and pavilion in mind, even the fund raising was fun and we are grateful to everyone for helping make this a success,” Adams added.

“We are especially grateful to all of the people who helped make the items to sell and to those who purchased them. Without their support we would not have had the funds to build this,” she said. “But our biggest blessing is the group of men who are always there to build and create all of the beautiful things God has blessed us with. They are all truly amazing and give so freely of their talents.”

“We also plan to begin fund raising in the spring for picnic tables to fill the pavilion for our events,” she commented.