Help the terrorists


Well, here we go again, more suspected terrorist attacks predicted.

What do we do, close the embassies in all the Muslim countries. Talk about tucking the tail under and running.

What are we all of a sudden, cowards? Is that what Reagan would have done, no way.

He would not have ran and hid, he would have challenged them.

He would have reinforced out security at all the embassies, and said, America does not back down.

Then we have our great government in Washington telling everyone on the news that we hear all the chatter from the terrorists, and their plans.

Are you kidding me, that is treason. That is aiding and abetting the enemy. You don’t reveal that information.

All Obama and his minions did was to help the terrorists. They told them outright, be more careful with your messages to one another, and your plans.

Obama has protected the Muslim extremists from day one. Look how he did nothing in the Benghazi deal.

Now, all of a sudden CNN who has been in Obama’s hip pocket all along, looks as though they are seeing daylight on all of this cover-up.

Tuesday night they uncovered all the facts of a cover-up. I can’t believe they did that, it is a change in their policy of liberalism toward the Obama administration.

You really think, Obama, that closing all these embassies is going to stop and attack?

All this stuff by Obama did was to further weaken our standing in the world, showing weakness, not strength.

We are fast losing all respect we ever had in other countries, and we have now badly hurt our intelligence gathering by telling the terrorists, “be careful how you send out your messages.”

All you have to do is to watch the true American news network, Fox News, to see that many informed people are saying these things.

Kudos to CNN for finally waking up, and please fire Candy Crowley. She should have been fired during the debates on the night she stood up for Obama on Benghazi.

Romney should have told her, “your job is to moderate, not inject your personal agenda into this, do your job and let me do mine.”

Then he should have turned to Obama and demanded he give an accounting about the truth of Benghazi, and stared in right in Obama’s lying eyes for the whole world to see.

Guess what, Romney then would have won the election, but he is not a dirty person like the Democrats are and he let it slide.

I am so ashamed of the Democratic Party and how they are destroying American, our Constitution, and our moral values.

Allan Peterson