Beautiful sight


Have you driven through the cities of Iron Mountain and Norway lately and noticed all of the lovely new trees that have recently been planted?

If not, take a drive past the Cornish Pump Museum and take a look at the trees lining the street all the way around the block.

As you drive through the residential areas, notice the new trees planted on the boulevard in front of homes, what a beautiful sight. These trees will stand out as they have stakes and guy wires keeping them straight. This is a wonderful sign of what can happen when two cities work together for the betterment of their communities.

These trees, along with 30 others in Iron Mountain as well as 50 in Norway, were planted through a joint effort between the cities of Iron Mountain and Norway, and what a great effort it has been.

We applaud each of the city managers as well as the Departments of Public Works for joining forces to get this planting done. It took just over a week to plant all 100 of the trees in the two cities.

The Iron Mountain City Tree Board offered for sale a variety of trees at a cost of just $100, which included the planting of the trees.

Fifty trees were purchased by residents of our city and the planting was done by the DPW of the two cities. We hope to offer this opportunity again next year, so please watch for information on available trees later this fall.

Kathy Anderson

Iron Mountain

City Tree Board