Took the can of donations


My brother-in-law has a serious medical condition that is not fully paid for and as such has quite a lot of medical bills.

Even though he is a veteran of the Vietnam War, the Veterans Hospital stopped rendering medical care because they said his income was too much.

What a sad commentary on how we treat people who give up part of their lives to protect our country.

To help raise money for the overwhelming medical expenses, my granddaughters went to businesses in the area and asked if they could leave a can for donations. The other day they went back to empty the cans and were told at one establishment that two men had come in and took the can of donations.

They stated that my brother-in-law was not a veteran and left the store with the money.

I know there was not a lot of money in that can but every dollar helps. What kind of people come in and steal money that was intended to help with medical bills?

What did they use it for, a couple of beers at a local bar? It seems to me that these men have no morals or conscience and do not respect the property of others. From now on my granddaughters will carry my brother-in-law’s military ID.

To those establishments who still have the cans in place, please do not release them to anyone not carrying his ID.

These men got away with it once. Let’s make sure these men cannot do this again.

To all the businesses that have allowed us to leave our donation cans, we appreciate your kindness.

Judy Cischke