We aren’t being fooled


Well, well, I see congress passed the “Gouge the Student Loan bill.”

They expect us to be relieved that they prevented it from going to over 6 percent.

Why was it going to go to 6 percent in the first place? What’s wrong with giving our students the same break as they gave that organized crime outfit called banks, .75 of 1 percent?

Congress has messed things up so bad that there are no jobs so those loans cannot be paid off.

How did they come up with those usurious rates anyhow? The government over the years will collect a lot more in taxes from college graduates than from high school graduates.

Did they factor that in? How much did that come to?

I see the Iraqis let out a bunch of big fat oil contracts. Are we going to make them pay us war reparations or costs from part of the contract income? Maybe the oil companies should pay for that war.

Hint, ask your congressmen how much of those contracts went to the Chinese.

From what I read we have lots and lots of oil and natural gas in North America.

You hear all this congressional talk about the debt, out of control budgets, etc.

So how about if we tell the technology firms that for every dollar they spend in production facilities and offices over seas that they have to spend a matching dollar here?

How can we give $1 billion in aid to Egypt.?

And where is Egypt getting the billions to pay for the fancy new fighters they want to buy from us?

Now there is congressional talk about aiding the Syrian rebels.

We would be in there with both feet if it weren’t for Putin warning us against it. At the same time congress wants to take $40 billion from food for the poor programs. Unconscionable.

If we can afford wars we can afford to pay our needy and give them food.

How about if we, to use Bush’s terminology, “level the playing field” with foreign companies by telling them that if they want to sell products here, their factories and laborers have to pay the same pay and benefits as our companies have to here and any difference goes to the U.S. government if they can’t match it.

If we ever needed reform in the financial industry it is now. At least Obama is taking some steps in that direction while the Republicans are trying to take away $260 million from the Securities and Exchange Commission budget so they can’t get the personnel they need for enforcement.

They tell us we need to get involved in Syria and they can’t even pay for the repairs to the military soldiers’ bodies now. How much was it they tried to take away from the VA, $290 million?

This is really being loyal to our brave soldiers and our flag isn’t it.

When he raised his hand he had to give an oath to his country that he would give everything even his life if necessary, well, the country had a reciprocal duty to do everything possible for the soldier’s welfare.

I can’t believe the lack of loyalty to our country as shown by Republicans in HR No. 1 from the early Obama years. And let’s look at Obama’s huge misstep in appointing Holder as Attorney General.

He is charged with contempt and yet still holds office. Not even placed on administrative leave. Ask your congressmen the questions I’m asking so they are aware we aren’t being fooled by their sorry explanations.

James Oliver Rye

Crystal Falls