It is still a dumb idea


To the alderman, city of Iron Mountain, I want to thank him for his letter in the Daily News Speak Out, no sign, on July 27, 2013. Also his crank phone messages.

The Daily News titled this letter “Many improvements at City Park,” I strongly stated in my letters, this is not improvement, this is a big waste of taxpayers’ dollars, but of course I have often said, instead of protecting our tax dollars like they should, all they know what to do is tax, spend, and waste.

Let me explain – the alderman stated the city applied and got a $500,000 grant. Grants come with many strings tied to the grant. You do not need grants. Grants are you build whatever it is the way they have spelled it out. By the way, the alderman explained the $500,000 is our tax dollars given back to us for what they want. Us taxpayers will have to pay for maintenance and repairs. City of Iron Mountain will pay for all this.

Example, Iron County voters will decide by a proposal, they will vote on, programs for recreation. They did not apply for a stupid grant.

A walking trail, City Park had a walking trail, the one way road going in was a perfect walking trail. Mr. Alderman, in kind services is taxpayers’ money.

Why does the city need football and soccer fields with sprinkling system? Who pays the upkeep of this sort? Tax dollars again.

What is another bathroom facility for? There is a perfect one there now. But guess what? It was never cleaned or maintained properly.

Also Mr. Alderman, just leave the deer out of their penned area, they will join other deer roaming the city and damage all citizens’ gardens and flower beds.

The ugly water hole as you called it, will be used by the many ducks and geese. You also said a number of trees had to be cut down. If you count them it is over 100 good healthy trees. Frisbee golf course and skateboard, why this at taxpayers’ cost and upkeep.

Also Mr. Alderman we a have bocce ball complex within the park, and believe me it is well used with 40-50 people using it four times a week.

Why not some of this free money be used on building a new bocce ball complex?

We bocce ball players will care for it and maintain it. No cost to the city. Words of the wise, am I going crazy, or what?

Submit to pressure from others and you move down to their level of existence. Speak up for your own beliefs and you invite them up to your level. If you move with a crowd, you get no further.

When you believe something is good, honest and true – stand for it. Who ever believes in a dumb idea, it could be $50 million, it is still a dumb idea.

I will meet (open public meeting) anytime anywhere at a mutual place with this alderman, and all of the city of Iron Mountain Council.

Bring your attorney. We will discuss what I just wrote. No guts no glory.

Joseph Massie