Washington is failing


Senator Harry Reid made headlines on July 25 stating “We need tax reform.” The Senate majority leader wants significant new revenues, he’d start with about $1 trillion. According to the Wall Street Journal on July 26, the orders came down from the Obama White House.

Mr. Reid declared the Democrats like the tax code the way it is, except that it should be even more taxing. Sounds lovely if you have an Obama ring through your nose.

Big government is imploding and Washington is failing America because of its mistakes. ObamaCare has a one year rollover because of the “complexity of the requirements.”

The U.S. government finally hit the wall and Obama’s call, again, for a “smarter” government, in yet another speech, proves how out of wack his administration is.

The WSJ on July 13th stated “What’s concretely frightening is that a dweeb like Edward Snowden could download the content of the NSA’s computers onto a thumb drive and walk out of the world’s ‘most secretive’ agency.”

Here’s the short answer: The NSA has 40,000 employees. (Some say it’s as high as 55,000, but it’s a secret.)

A “reset” with Russia’s political goons has been one of Mr. Obama’s foreign policy priorities. Why?

Along with Iran they continue to arm Syria’s president Bashar Assad, paying no attention to Obama who in August 2011, two years ago, told the world “Assad must go.” By staying in power he makes U.S. policy look feckless.

The Obama opera, eloquent words not backed by results, continues.

In Syria failed to deliver, more rhetoric than results. When he ran for president in 2008 the WSJ reminds us he vowed to do nothing less than “remake the world.” The Obama halo is imploding.

Citizens Against Waste remarked that President Obama has been called the “Food Stamp President.” In 2008 just before he was elected 28 million Americans were on food stamps. In 2012 the recipients totaled 47 million, costing us $80 billion.

A Michigan man who won $2 million through a lottery game show admitted to still using food stamps because his lump sum payment was determined to be an asset rather than income.

The Heritage Foundation just reminded us that the vacation Obama took in Florida to play golf with Tiger Woods cost $1 million. The government is taxing us and borrowing money from China to pay for it:

– Department of Agriculture funded a $2 million intern program. Only one intern was hired as a result.

– The IRS stored 22,486 items of unused furniture in a warehouse at an annual cost of $862,000.

– Three federal offices are involved in overseeing catfish inspections.

– A grand totaling $25,000 was used to transcribe a Maldivian love ballad.

– In fiscal year 2010 the federal government spent nearly $1.7 billion to maintain 77,000 underused or unused buildings.

– The bureau of Indian Affairs funded a fish hatchery that never saw a fish hatch for 14 years, continuing funding even after the land had been converted to office space.

Former Senator Jim DeMint left congress to become the new president of the Heritage Foundation. One of the main reasons, he said, was because of the millions of useless and harmful things our government is doing.

ObamaCare is a lemon. So is Washington. Truth, justice, the American way, – not during this administration.

George Zaio

Iron Mountain