They have zero patriotism


I just hate to be one of the “dunderheads” to have to tell “Made in America” that there is no Easter Bunny, but it is time for him to put on his big boy pants and face reality.

If I came to his house, and went through each product he has bought in recent years, including his vehicle(s), I know I would find it almost impossible that even half the items in his home have been made in America because it is almost impossible to find much that has been made in our country any more.

Most of our good jobs went overseas to the unsafe, sweat-shop, slave factories, where workers are made to be happy with their 25 cents an hour and their one potty break a day.

My boyfriend and I shopped at the Bass Pro Shop a couple years ago, and couldn’t find a single item that had been made in America.

Finally he found a spool of fishing line that had an American flag on it, so he bought it. When we got home, he started putting the line on his fishing reel, and he noticed that the line had been made in China, but then, sent here to be spooled in America, giving them the audacity to put our flag on the Chinese item.

Also, a couple years ago, I wanted to buy another room air conditioner. One has to look like crazy to find out where they hide the name of the country that made a product, but it is there, if you look hard enough.

I couldn’t find a single air conditioner made in America. So, I didn’t buy any.

They were all made in China or some other foreign country.

Is it any wonder why China’s GDP, in dollar terms, is expected to pass up the U.S. already in 2016? If the made in America guy would open his eyes, he would know that our so-called American cars (Fords) are made in Thailand, Romania, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, France, Wales, Australia, Spain, Venezuela, China, Germany, England, Canada, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, South Africa, Philippines, Russia, Turkey, and oh yes, even occasionally, among many more multiples of other countries, even occasionally in the USA.

General Motors cars have just as many foreign companies making all their cars, with just as few, still made in the USA. I happen to drive a Toyota, but my Toyota was made in Kentucky, USA, employing American workers.

In fact, many of the foreign cars are made in the USA employing American workers, who spend their money in America.

You see, Mr. Made in America, greed is the mode of operation in America these days, so, the corporations that are getting such enormous tax breaks from our government, that many pay zero taxes towards the bills of our country, and save the rest of their profits in off-shore banks, are only watching out for number one, themselves. They have zero patriotism, or love, of our country any more.

The new “god” that makes the world turn around (since the real God was kicked out of our country) is money, as in: “I am the Lord, thy God. Thou shalt not have strange gods before me.”

Money is the new “god.” Will we ever see made in America ever again?

In our dreams, like the Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus. Do shoppers care?

Some of us pay attention and try. I saw a lady in WalMart, looking at one of the interesting made in China items, and I said: “But look. It’s made in China.”

She looked at me as if I am a dunce, and said: “Soooo?” like she didn’t care a single bit.

Mary L. Grabski

Florence, Wis.