Walk in their shoes


This is in direct response to Dr. Lyle Rossitor Jr.’s article about people taking responsibility for their own lives. The question I have for Dr. Rossitor is: Are you on crack? Or is it LSD you have been experimenting with?

I wonder if Rossitor has ever been through the inner, inner city of Chicago. The projects. What’s known in the cities as the “hood.” I have, and believe me it is the most visual eye-opening experience I have ever had.

Barbed wire and dilapidated buildings everywhere. It literally looked like an area from the war-torn Middle East.

The first thought that popped into my mind was “How in the name of God are the kids supposed to thrive and grow in an environment such as this?”

Kids are called kids for a reason. Tell me how a middle school or young teenager from a single family home in an environment such as that is supposed to take responsibility for his or her own life.

Granted, you will have a couple of success stories out of a hundred. But for the unfortunate 98 who do not make it, what does that tell you about the general environment when you have a well above the majority rate of failure?

There’s an old axiom and lesson that took me years to learn is one that people such as Rossitor would do well to remember: Never judge another until you have walked in their shoes.

Jerry Rahoi

Iron Mountain