Breitung approves road work


Staff Writer

QUINNESEC – The Breitung Township Board of Trustees on Monday approved a list of paving projects that will be bid through the Dickinson County Road Commission.

Paving projects, and estimated costs, are 5,200 feet of Woodland Drive for $127,163; 250 feet of River Street for $6,553; 1,670 feet of Kramer Drive for $52,664; 1,920 feet of Menominee Street for $61,695; and 1,800 feet of South Park Street for $3,680.

The total estimated cost is $304,319.

Barton Street, 1,250 feet, was eliminated to save the township $52,564.

The township budgeted $276,000 for road repair this year and carried over $70,000 from 2012 with $10,000 of that being for gravel and repair of Kramer Drive.

The road commission will bid the projects out.

The board also heard from Fire Chief Jeff Iverson. His letter to the board was regarding the board’s support of the fire department, which has always been appreciated.

“I am asking that the township board continue to support us as they have, and try to understand what we do and how we do it,” he said. “It is generally in a very controlled and posed fashion. I am asking that the board accept the way we do our job and ask questions and discuss it with us without micro-managing what we do.”

Iverson said the micro-managing would be having someone who isn’t directly involved with the functions of the fire department telling them what is right and wrong.

Trustee Ben Peterson said he agreed with Iverson.

“The fire department does their research and tries to do the best for the township,” Peterson said.

Iverson also noted that the North Breitung fire truck has mechanical problems and replacing it would be in the best interest of the township.

In other action, trustees:

– Approved in a 5-1 vote a resolution in support of Gov. Rick Snyder’s proposal to develop a multi-use trail from Bell Isle to Ironwood. The resolution, however, supports a southern U.P. route as opposed to a northern one. Concerns were raised regarding where the money would come from. Supervisor Denny Olson said he is for the project, but does not want to see a penny of money for it come out of the state road budget. Peterson voted against the resolution.

– Authorized paying expenses for Superintendent Joe Rogina to attend a software class Aug. 6 in Bath as part of his required continuing education for his assessor’s certification.

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