Breach of ethics


The most serious breach of ethics for a writer is evidence of plagiarism, intentionally copying the words and ideas of another writer without indicating these words and ideas are not original.

Thus it comes as a shock to discover a local writer who submits countless letters to The Daily News would so brazenly copy from another and claim by his signature the words are his own.

Joe Massie, in his letter “Bad science fiction,” printed July 12, copied word-for-word a column by Dr. Lyle H. Rossitor, Jr. (Massie misspelled the name) from, an ultra-conservative website.

Massie never identifies the source, picking and choosing among paragraphs he wants to copy. It calls into question every “fact” he submits for print, and suggests stealing another’s words and ideas is acceptable to him.

It is also disturbing that The Daily News prints letters without checking them for originality.

William Gay