Always welcome


To the residents of the greater Iron Mountain/Dickinson County area, I ask, “Are you out there, and, do you care?”

The community just finished celebrating Independence Day, aka 4th of July, with a great parade and flyover to the delight of all who attended.

Few however really understand how much planning, effort and work goes into putting on the annual patriotic event for the local populace to enjoy and hopefully remember what our ancestors sacrificed to throw off the yolk of British oppression and establish a new nation under God.

Fewer yet ever express any appreciation to all of those in A,C.E. who so diligently sacrifice their time and energy to not only put this event on, but also work to preserve, protect and defend our sacred Constitution.

I would like to publically commend A.C.E. president and secretary, Diana Miller for her many years of organizing and leading the parade effort. This year she also helped secure the flyover as well.

Another true patriot that was essential in putting this year’s parade together is Diane DePas. Diane is the treasurer of A.C.E. and was an indispensable leader in organizing and coordinating the effort along with board members Steve Trask, Frank and Charlott Novak, Fr. Ray Valerio, Richard Abraham and Jim Gardner.

A.C.E. could not have been able to put on the parade without the support and cooperation of the cities of Iron Mountain and Kingsford along with their respective public safety and sanitation departments and the Dickinson County Sheriff’s Dept. and the Michigan State Police along with The Daily News and radio station W.J.N.R.

There are many others who helped prepare and present the parade and A.C.E. will be publishing a “Thank You” ad in The Daily News shortly with a complete listing of all of our workers, supporters and contributors. It is my wish that the community will stop, shop and thank each of those who made this a great community-wide event.

So, are you out there and do you care? I believe that you are and that you do. If you are not already, become an active A.C.E. supporter. You can start by attending our regular monthly educational meetings held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the meeting room of Recreation Lanes in Iron Mountain.

Patriots are always welcome and we are currently looking for new committee volunteers and board members to guide the organization in the coming year.

Lee Guizzetti

ACE Director