The board is listening


An important issue will soon be discussed by the Iron Mountain Public Schools Board of Education and parental input is important.

As a middle school parent, I was invited via postcard to attend a meeting called to revisit the issue of creating “a school within a school” for the 7th and 8th grade students of the district.

The idea is not to have the students integrated into the high school population but to make a place for them on B Floor of the high school building, allowing them their own classrooms, bathroom facilities and lockers. Prior to this meeting, I thought it would be better for the students to continue to occupy the Central School Annex (above the elementary gym); however, after hearing the information presented and considering points raised by several parents, staff members, board members and administrators, I changed my mind.

There are many good reasons for backing this plan, chief among them is the need to reduce the number of times middle school students must travel back and forth from the Annex to the high school building for various classes.

All of this transitioning has resulted in lost instructional time, something our students cannot afford to lose.

This proposal would result in increased instructional time and increased student supervision. It would give the teachers who must teach both middle school and high school classes enough time, space and materials to do their job well and it gives our kids peace of mind to know they have all their necessary books and other supplies at hand. Administrators and counselors are available to handle possible discipline or health problems at all times, instead of having to split their time between buildings.

Many people at the parent meeting were excited about the positive outcomes this move would make possible and hoped the Board could make this happen for the 2013-14 academic year, however not all parents were able to attend the meeting.

Please become educated on this issue and communicate your opinion to members of the Iron Mountain Public Schools Board of Education, preferably before their next meeting on July 15. You can contact them personally, by phone or through e-mailing Superintendent Tom Jayne at

Your opinion matters and, be assured, the board is listening.

Cecilia Smith

Iron Mountain