Casperson bill would boost state’s economy

A bill recently introduced by state Sen. Tom Casperson makes sense for Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. Should the bill become law, it has the potential to bring businesses and jobs to the state that may not have considered Michigan as an option before.

The bill would allow for the creation of Arms Related Manufacturing (ARM) zones. What an ARM zone does is create tax incentives to attract firearms manufacturers. According to Casperson, firearm manufacturers are not feeling welcome in some states due to restrictive legislation, both enacted and proposed, in their current jurisdictions. Some gun manufacturers are looking for new homes as a result.

This is something that Casperson’s bill capitalizes on. It stands to reason that Michigan and the U.P. would be a lucrative choice for firearm manufacturers because of Casperson’s legislation. Tax incentives that would come with ARM zones could be the carrot that lures gun manufacturers here.

In fact, Casperson has already had contact with several manufacturers about the prospect of locating to Michigan – including well-known companies such as Colt and Stag.

Gun manufacturers would bring jobs and an economic boost to any area they located in. It only makes sense they should be given every incentive to relocate here.

Casperson’s legislation is Senate Bills 429 and 430. They have been introduced and referred to the Senate Committee on Economic Development. Let’s hope they will see Governor Snyder’s signature.

The Daily Press