Help our weather


This is on global warming and atmospheric pollution.

Yes, we are spraying USA, Canada and our surrounding oceans to prevent global warming.

We are removing elements from the air to prevent global warming hundreds and thousands of years from now. It is costing us billions upon billions of dollars and is helping to change our existing weather patterns, like the increase in tornados, more flooding in many areas and extra dry in some areas.

This is causing the loss of many lives and billions of dollars in damage. I suggest we put a five-year moratorium on this program. It will not drastically affect global warming but will probably help our weather patterns. At the very least it will help our deficit budget problem.

Along the same weather issue is industrial pollution. Many of our manufacturing jobs have gone overseas and increased our costs for these products and a loss of thousands of jobs.

Take one issue I am familiar with is coal fired generators. In our area we have lost coal generated power. As I understand we have lost 25 jobs and our electrical bills will increase 10 percent. One suggestion I have for this type of situation is if over 60 percent of the people in the area affected by the pollution approve of the operation, then leave it operate.

Also, we should put a tariff on any product coming into this country that is manufactured without pollution control. At least this will help our deficit budget even if it doesn’t help our job situation.

Leo Fende