It’s no mystery


Well, well, the NSA with their indiscriminate dragnet of info on our telephone conversations, emails, etc., etc. must have picked up a wealth of information about the crooked dealings of the major banks and their officers.

If we can’t trust them to study only people with probable cause then can we trust them to provide us with what was uncovered in the corrupt world of banking?

Can we trust our congressmen/women to form a committee to investigate the information gathered on the banks?

It seems congress is bent on enslaving a whole generation of American students and making sure we don’t have retirement funds from companies to help us after we retire.

So we will be forced to rely on Social Security which apparently is going broke.

Now students loan rates are up to 6 percent thanks to our sympathetic congress. Catch 22. Need a loan to pay for a car to get to a job so I can afford to attend college, but because of my school loans I can’t get a loan on my car.

Now congress has arranged it so there are almost no jobs available with the economy the way it is.

I can’t believe it took Biden five years to figure out that they should have put jobs as their first priority.

A couple hours in any small town coffee shop would have enlightened him quite quickly.

As I’ve said before why can we give the banks, 0.75 percent interest but raise it to 6 percent for our students?

Students loan amounts have skyrocketed because congress hasn’t fixed the job market so they can find jobs.

So we have a whole generation of enslaved students. Germany charges no tuition.

If you have to spend a semester at another college in another town for special courses they pay the student a stipend.

Denmark also charges no tuition.

To me it’s no mystery that oppression and enslavement provide the ingredients for what is happening in Egypt, Brazil, Syria.

James Oliver Rye

Crystal Falls

What a



What a pleasure to drive down Hamilton Avenue in Kingsford where it was recently resurfaced.

Hats off to the workers and machine operators who endured 80 degree temperatures and long hours. The new curbs are certainly an eye opener.

All the activities like football, tennis, and track will appreciate it, too.

The Kingsford marching band will enjoy using the avenue to practice for the Memorial Day and 4th of July parades.

The kiddie parade of Ford Addition will be happy to ride their bikes, trikes and wagons on the 4th of July.

When the buses start to roll for back to school in September, the drivers will be amazed at the excellent driving conditions.

What a blessing the grant is and again the mayor, council members and public works did good and made our city of Kingsford proud. Drive carefully, watch for kids and obey the speed law.

Agatha Cavaiani