Wolves among the people


This past Sunday while driving to our camp in Iron County, my husband and I witnessed something that I do not care to ever witness again. We were driving on a main road where there are houses, camps, farms. We came up on a deer standing in the middle of the road with 4-5 wolf pups jumping and biting at the deer.

The adult wolves were standing on the sidelines so to speak witnessing their training efforts. The deer was injured enough that it could not get away, but not injured mortally.

We drove up to where the deer and wolves were and they all scattered into the woods. My guess is that the deer (a doe) probably trying to save its fawn, did not make it. We are not talking about wolves in a wilderness area; we are talking about wolves among the people, farm animals, and pets’ right there out in the open.

I am a sportsman, enjoy the outdoors, enjoy hunting, this was not fair chase. While I am not naive enough to believe this does not occur on a daily basis, it was one of the hardest things I have had to witness. Right there out in the open on a main road.

To those of you that state that this is nature and nature’s way, you could never have witnessed anything like this.

It is the cruelest kind of torture.

To those of you that think this would never happen in your backyard do not let your guard down. It happened right out in the open and we witnessed it.

Remember this as the opponents to a wolf hunt launch a second ballot petition drive to stop the proposed hunt after its first effort was thwarted by the Legislature. This second signature drive is aimed at the new law.

Wolves belong in a wilderness area not becoming problems among people, farm animals and your pets.

Susan Carlson