Behave like a leader


Considering that the president is the one that came up with sequestration I find it outrageous that he is going to cost taxpayers between $60 and $100 million to take his family on vacation to Africa.

If the monarch of America wants his family to see lions and tigers and bears, oh my, he could take the family to a local zoo at his expense. I’m certain that his wife could stay at the Red Roof Inn at a substantial savings over her last trip that cost us $3,300 per night for her room.

No snipers would be required and the millions saved could be spent on veterans needs. Sixty to $100 million buys a great many services and needed equipment for those that he has placed in harms way.

It is time Mr. Obama behave like a leader and stop behaving like one of the Beach Boys wasting away an endless summer.

Sheldon Minsky

Iron Mountain