Being political


The Upper Peninsula Sportsmen’s Alliance will be holding their quarterly meeting at the United Sportsman Club, just north of Iron Mountain on the 20th of July at 10 a.m. (Eastern time).

Scheduled to attend this meeting is NRC Commissioner, John Madigan.

Recently I asked one of our officers to attend a meeting of an organization that I had invited to join UPSA.

He did attend that meeting and reported back to me that at this time they were not interested in joining because we were too political.

We stress to be the voice of the Upper Peninsula Sportsman. We do not support any individual or political party.

What we do support are bills and policies that will benefit the U.P. sportsmen and women in the future.

The recent wolf bill was a typical example. We were in contact with many senators, representatives and organizations to urge support of these bills. Many of these individuals were from both parties.

We don’t think that this was being political.

Tony Demboski



Upper Peninsula

Sportsmen’s Alliance