Christian, Hanchek earn all-star awards

MARQUETTE – North Dickinson’s Dominic Christian and North Central’s Dyllion Hanchek earned awards from the U.P. Football All-Star Game.

Hanchek was named the West defensive most valuable player while Christian received the “Character” award.

Individual awards were decided on by the coaching staffs of each team after the game.

L’Anse and Newberry football programs received $1,000 donations from the game. The money can be used for anything that benefits the football program.

“When this game was started, it was always a goal that we would eventually be able to donate directly to all of the high school football programs throughout the U.P.,” said director Todd Goldbeck.

The schools are picked at random each year. Once a school has been selected, that school will be removed from the lottery until all other schools have been chosen once, then the selection process starts over again.

“The lottery is a very fun way to select the schools,” Goldbeck said. “Every program is eligible, and it does not matter how successful the team is.

“It is very important that all U.P. programs are supported so that each school can maintain a competitive team. I was very pleased to hear that both schools that were chosen have specific plans for the donations and they will help their football programs in a positive way.”

In addition to the two schools selected, the East and West All-Star head coaches will receive half of the footballs used during the week leading up to the game.

There are 36 new footballs each year, so both All-Star head coaches get to take home 18 footballs, which have only been used a few times during the week.

This year, Ishpeming (Jeff Olson) and North Dickinson (Joe Reddinger) will get those footballs.

All of the practice jerseys are donated to U.P. football programs. There is a full set of white jerseys with black numbers that are going to St. Ignace High School, and the red jerseys with white numbers are being given to Westwood High School.

Other notable donations included over 800 pounds of food for the Beacon House food pantry, as well as cash donations to the U.P. Sports Hall of Fame and Bay Cliff Health Camp, which are two organizations that operate on contributions from the community.

The 50/50 drawing at the game was won by an individual from the East, 25 percent went to the Ishpeming Boosters for helping with the event and the other 25 percent went to Bay Cliff.