Iron Mountain finalizes 2013 road projects


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IRON MOUNTAIN – Iron Mountain’s road paving agenda has been set for this year, with much of the budget earmarked for work on Lake Antoine Road.

During their Monday meeting, members of the Iron Mountain City Council agreed to solicit bids for the remainder of the paving projects.

Work for 2013 includes Blaine Street from Aragon Street to South Grant Street, Deveraux Street from Blaine Street to Stanton Street, East D Street from Van Buren Street to Park Street, East E Street from Park Street to East Elementary, Janet Street from Grand Boulevard to Lincoln Street, Lincoln Street from Janet Street to Millman Street, and Millman Street from Lincoln Street to Antoine Street.

The budget for the streets listed above is about $225,000. The city committed the other $175,000 in the paving budget of $400,000 for Lake Antoine Road.

Iron Mountain City Manager Jordan Stanchina said that he drove around the city with the Department of Public Works and prioritized streets based on their conditions and amount of traffic.

Stanchina explained that two of the sections needed work because of storm water runoff issues.

On Blaine and Deveraux Streets, catch basins and a storm water pipe will be installed to tie in with the storm water system at Deveraux and Stanton.

The East D Street project will correct a storm water issue that has plagued a resident on north side of the street.

“He has created his own storm water collection pipe to take the water from his front yard to the backyard,” said Stanchina. “If not for that pipe, his garage and possibly home would be flooded during every storm water occurrence.”

Stanchina added that he chose the area between Grand Boulevard and Antoine Street because the city has not done much paving in the area.

Mayor Bruce Rosen and council member Bob Moraska noted that they would have liked to see some paving projects on the city’s west side.

“Those streets are traveled heavily,” said Rosen.

Stanchina said that he would look at it next year, when the city will have more money to put toward local paving projects instead of Lake Antoine Road.

In other business, the council:

– Allowed resident Lance Bashaw of 521 East D Street to remove the sidewalk on Adams Street that is adjacent to his home.

Stanchina pointed out that there is not much sidewalk on either side of Adams Street, which runs from Hughitt Street to East G Street. However, the portion that is on Bashaw’s property is in terrible condition, he noted.

Bashaw will remove the sidewalk himself, and the city will retain the right of way in case it ever wants to rebuild the sidewalk.

– Supported a resolution from Dickinson County Commissioner Barb Kramer in favor of a southern route through the Upper Peninsula for the proposed statewide bike path.

The governor had originally proposed a northern route along Lake Superior.

Kramer said that she would like to get the support of individual municipalities and neighboring counties for the southern route in order to show the governor that there is a spirit of collaboration.

She also noted that the southern Upper Peninsula has more temperate weather and it currently has more miles of bike trails that could be connected.

Moraska wondered how Iron Mountain would benefit from the bike path.

“Where would it connect here in town,” he asked. “Is Iron Mountain just an afterthought?”

Kramer said that the project is in its beginning phases and there is no set route yet.

– Discussed an agreement with the Millie Hill Condominium Association regarding a water and sewer connection.

City Attorney Gerald Pirkola said that the association is requesting permission to connect the development’s water and sewer to a city line through a master meter. The development’s system would otherwise be private and not subject to the city’s specifications.

Pirkola said that he should have an agreement drawn up by the next council meeting for approval.

– Referred back to staff a request from resident Michael Laydon to purchase city property on Millie Hill. Stanchina said that he needs to obtain further information before the council can make an informed decision on the matter. The property in question encompasses two and a half to four acres on the top of Tower Drive.

– Approved a .25 percent raise to the administrative salary step schedule, which is consistent with the increase for the city’s labor unions.

– Approved a three-year contract with assessor Patti Roell in the amount of $58,600 per year.

– Corrected the cost of non-resident cremation that was listed in the new fee schedule. It had been lowered from $525 to $479 in error, so the council agreed to raise it back to $525.

– Renewed a five-year lease with Wisconsin Central Limited for property along the railroad near Chapin Pit. The city uses the property for beautification purposes such as planting trees and flowers. Total cost of the lease is $375.

– Approved the Michigan Main Street program’s Community Requirements and Expectations Agreement. Stanchina said that either party may terminate the agreement by submitting a written notice 30 days in advance.

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