Give teachers a chance


I know that the situation in the Iron Mountain School District is tough. Large class sizes are very difficult for everyone and I know that you know your children and what’s best for them.

I am asking you to please, give the fine teachers of this district a chance. I have worked directly with many of them as a former teacher and now I am in their classrooms as a guest teacher.

I am nothing but amazed at the job they do in bringing the very best to every student in their classrooms. “To teach is to love,” a quote on a gift given to one of these teachers, says it all about teachers everywhere.

Parents, be involved. That’s what the school board wants. Attend board meetings, ask questions and get clear answers.

The June 24 meeting was attended by many parents, some who voiced their concerns and others who were there as a show of support. I have been told by a school board member that, if he doesn’t know the answer to a question, he will get it.

Please stick with us.

Mary Couper

Iron Mountain