Vicious entertainment


Recently, I was watching one of the sports channels and MMA fighting was on. Both the fighters had savagely pummeled each other to a pulp, so severely in fact that the white canvas floor was splattered red throughout – so thoroughly in areas that one could not tell if this was the color of the canvas or if it was white. To be forthright it was like the gladiators of old except death was not intentionally allowed.

The sad tragic truth of MMA is that it would not be on television if the viewership was not there to support it. So what does this say about our society? Is this accepted violence, which is more vicious than boxing, the direction we want our society to be headed in?

I honestly have nothing but admiration and respect for the training and discipline these fighters go through to reach such a physical peak. I also love the martial arts as a self-defense repellant against any attempted assaults. However, two human beings battering themselves bloodily and thousands cheering them, with tens of thousands more watching them on television is a completely different issue.

I know it is one’s personal opinion and choice to accept and watch MMA if they so choose. However, what is not one’s opinion and is a stated fact is that our society has 5 percent of the world’s population and 20 percent of the world’s prison population. That fact alone should tell us something.

Jerry Rahoi

Iron Mountain