Separating fact and propaganda


Thank you for your publication of the great, quite comprehensive, A.P. article on the National Security Agency, of Friday, June 14, 2013.

If we have enough readers who comprehend the written word, this article includes much information that should clear up many worries for all of us who are not involved in any sort of terrorist, anarchist, or other anti-American activities.

After all, most of us have known, for years already that we have a Supreme Being, whatever name we choose to call that Overseer of all our thoughts, actions, writings, love letters, threats, and internet or other communications, and don’t ever give it a second thought.

The wrath, or just punishment that our Supreme Being has, over every iota of our lives, meting out His own judgments, should cause much more fear and trepidation in guilty violators, than any little imperfect NSA, or any other foreign or domestic government surveillance programs. Most sane people do not want killings and disasters, though some, with their limited brain powers, frequently mistrust blindly, with no thinking or rational evaluation of the necessity to our safety.

Since we obviously don’t mind that our Supreme Being sees all and knows all, none of us, who is living according to His rules, has any need for concern, as His wisdom, judgment, and oversight is the best that money can’t buy! And, these days, money can buy almost anything else.

Those of you, who choose to mistrust our own government, are free to check out every other country and government they deem to be better, and move to that other, better country, when he finds it.

Until then, wisdom and experience tells us that thinking and research for knowledge will strengthen our trust in the country, envied by most, and the one we know best. The only people who really have to worry are the ones who are looking for other countries better than ours, but don’t search, and the ones who believe every repetitive word of propaganda that tries to brainwash and subjugate our own wisdom, which we gained by rational thinking and research.

After all, propaganda is what converted formerly “thinking” Germans into obedient little Nazis because they simply “believed, without ever bothering to do any research or thinking.

After they heard the same propaganda 20 times, they just “assumed” that it was fact, the theory developed with that exact intent, by Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s chief of propaganda.

After all, “propaganda” equals disinformation; brainwashing; indoctrination; lies; distortions; deception; psychological manipulation; subversive public relations; “polished lying,” etc. We have been educated and taught how to read, research, and, some of us have even learned how to think, fortunately, which all helps to determine fact from propaganda.

I would advise anyone, with the time, to take a college course , called “Critical Thinking.” If many even learn a little in that class, it might be enough to save our country, our democratic republic, which is always susceptible to being bought by the highest bidder, who has no loyalties beyond greed and selfishness, and can afford to buy lots of enticing propaganda for the gullible.

Mary L. Grabski,

Florence, Wis.