Iron River native writes new novel

FOLSOM, Calif. – In her new novel, “The Kennedy Half-Dollar” (iUniverse), Iron River native Mahree Moyle presents the story of a young woman growing up and growing wise.

After high school graduation, Seely is forced to move out of her parents’ home. She reluctantly decides to move to Hawaii and stay with her sister until she can find a place of her own.

When she is offered a job with a well-known nightclub in Waikiki serving cocktails, Seely soon finds herself caught up in organized crime.

Fast-paced and packed with lots of misadventures, “The Kennedy Half-Dollar” sports an incredible plot. But, notes Moyle, it offers lots of food for thought.

Can a small token given with love and goodwill hold power? Do good luck charms really exist? Readers decide.

“This book has a lot to think about and consider,” Moyle said. “Much of what Seely faced on her path through life is confronted by others also. Readers will be able to relate.”

Additionally, the book takes the unique role of deejay. Moyle offers musical queues throughout the book, signaling readers to plays certain songs during certain scenes.

Playing music in the background while reading “The Kennedy Half-Dollar” gives the reader the full experience of Seely’s world.

“It may be difficult at first to read with music playing, but after the second or third song, it seems strange to read without it,” Moyle said.

She is the daughter of the late Stan and Ann (Bakarich) Moyle of Iron River and granddaughter of Irene (once ran the Club Elyom in Tipler) and George Moyle (with the Delft Theater years ago).

“The Kennedy Half-Dollar” is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.