Remarkable U.P. ride


This is something out of character for me, but I feel it’s very important.

I am asking all of my friends, acquaintances, business associates and any others for support.

Many of you know I am involved with the arts and the restoration/renovation of our historic theatre in Iron Mountain, as a community arts center. It’s a multi-million dollar project.

I have a dear friend here in town that is taking on a challenge to raise $10,000 doing an 800-mile or more bike ride through the Upper Peninsula. His reason – to help Friends Of The Braumart raise funds for the restoration/renovation and promote awareness of macular degeneration.

Yes, he is afflicted with the disease since the age of 8 and, now 43, has lived with this disease most of his life. He is without central vision, and at times totally blind – is declared legally blind.

Why is this ride so important to him? Keith Martin’s philosophy: You deal with the hand you’re dealt. Life is a gamble. To fold is meaningless.

You can read more about this wonderful athlete and our goals at

Contributions may also be sent to:

Keith Martin Bike Ride

Friends of the Braumart

B.J. Kramer, Treasurer

P.O. Box 156

Iron Mountain, MI 49801

(Make check or money order payable to Friends of the Braumart.)

Because of the present economic situation you may not be able to pledge, and I understand the crimp in everyone’s budget. But you can help by forwarding this message.

Let’s help Keith reach his goal while helping the community to preserve and renovate a part of its history. As a board member of FOTB and Keith’s friend, God bless you and may all that’s wonderful happen for you.

Duane Peck,