Vote no on amnesty


What happened to Dan Benishek?

Back in 2010, I bought the whole package … “Enough is Enough” and all that. He pledged to us that he would be staunch for holding the line on a runaway government. He was for a smaller federal government, against increasing taxation, no to Obamacare and putting a halt to the ever-increasing national debt.

Like many of my conservative friends, I jumped on board. I donated cash to his campaign … promoted his candidacy on my website … sent emails and made phone calls to my friends … put up a yard sign … and even stuffed fliers under windshield wipers in church parking lots.

And what did we get in return? Just another “establishment” Republican. I watch him closely, and from what I see, he hasn’t even fought for any of those issues. But, he sure likes to advertise on Facebook how he meets with the students at Dollar Bay, and the ambassador to Sweden (or wherever).

Remember the Dan Benishek that put his signature on the “Cut, Cap and Balance Pledge?” Yes, indeed. That’s the same Dan Benishek that now routinely votes for continuing growth in government spending through supporting continuing budget resolutions and increasing the debt ceiling. What in the world happened to Dan Benishek?

This is just the opening salvo of my rants concerning “Dr. Dan.” I’ll skip a bunch to get to my most recent concern – comprehensive immigration reform (amnesty). One would think that this decision would be fairly simple, especially in light of all the recent developments in which our government acknowledges that they actively and routinely spy on us, its own citizenry. Our government refuses to secure our borders to illegal aliens, drug and sex trafficking and terrorist infiltration, but they think it is totally acceptable to conduct wholesale spying on American citizens, and target conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status.

Whenever I express my concerns to Dr. Dan through letters, emails and phone calls, I get the same politician-type response … I share your concern … I’m studying the issues … I’ll keep your opinion in mind … I’m proud to be your representative.

How about this for a response, Dan? No amnesty or talks about immigration reform until the borders are secure! Once we are confident that we have “plugged the leak,” then … and only then … should we begin to address the status of all those illegal aliens.

Vote “No” on any amnesty bill that comes before Congress.

Larry R. Hull

Indian River