Other people’s money


As a citizen and taxpayer of Dickinson County, I recently received from the county clerk’s office the pay received sheets for the five elected county commissioners, pay period from January 2012-December 2012. Cost to me was $8.85.

The 59 “pay received” sheets included salary, per-diem and mileage for car use. These sheets tell the amount taxpayers are paying to have five elected servants working for us. These five elected people are supposed to serve us and guard our taxes wisely.

When spending “OPM” (other people’s money), we find there is no limit to spending. Elected government officials, local, state and federal it seems, their main reason to be where they are is to raise taxes on us, then spend, and then waste, and I find it is real easy to do when it is OPM.

I kid you not, they all play this game. And we don’t have to look at Washington D.C. It’s right here under our noses. This is what the 59 sheets told me – what 5 county commissioners received:

District 1 Stevens $8,058.13; District 2 Martin $6,135.41; District 3 Smith $6,289.28; District 4 Wender $9,009.86; District 5 Degenaer $7,440.74.

Note-“Kramer beats Smith” but taxpayers will see no change here.

Here is how we taxpayers are being had, and our taxes being raised. Remember the 9-11 emergency vote. Taxpayers defeated the proposal the first time, it didn’t matter to the five elected commissioners, they put it on a special election ballot and got their way.

The Crystal Lake Community Center was a prime misuse of tax dollars. It was poorly managed so our elected servants poured thousands of tax dollars into this building in a 20-year period. OPM complete waste.

Another foolish overspending of tax dollars was making the three-person Road Commission board to five people, strictly unneeded and total waste of our tax dollars. Of course it is easy to do when it is OPM.

Just recently the hiring of a new county controller who was from out of town and a complete stranger to our county when there were qualified personnel all ready on the payroll who could have done these duties. The Dickinson County controller who retired had been a courthouse employee before she was appointed to the Dickinson County controller position. So it could have been done again, but no these Dickinson County commissioners on their own decided, because, “here we go again” it’s OPM so tax ’em, spend it and waste it.

This is probably the dumbest costly decision ever made by a Dickinson County board. To stop this misuse of OPM, don’t vote for them anymore or they will be dying in office. We can recall them or force their retirement, they will not do it on their own. New thinking with new ideas is needed to stop this nonsense of taxing, spending and wasting. And you the taxpayer and voter can do it. They have been in office too long and won’t get out, and mainly because of the pay “tax dollars” they receive.

And if we did some careful thinking we can start wondering why we need county commissioners in the first place? Managed county government has, supposedly, the main purpose of stopping the rise in taxes.

It’s not working, taxpayers. It’s the worst it has ever been. The pay received sheets also told me that these five elected servants to the people attended 560 meetings in the one-year period. It’s an average of 112 per commissioner. District 5 commissioner charged taxpayers for 35 fair board meetings, nearly three meetings a month. A five-day affair once a year. What’s going on here, commissioners?

Our county and other local governments are out of control. We are being governed by a minority where-as we are the majority. Why is this? Employee unions run the county and we taxpayers have no representation, no one speaks for us the ones that pay all the bills. “Us” is all taxpayers of Dickinson County.

Also I will meet anytime at a mutual place and discuss what I just wrote down. Citizens, voters and taxpayers it is all in your hands.

“No guts, no glory.”

Joseph Massie