A great opportunity


I’m a Youth for Understanding Exchange Student from Thailand. I came to America to learn more English and to learn to live by myself.

I’m so appreciative to my host family, they offered their house to me. They are very generous and nice people. I’ve learned a lot of experiences here. I went to Homecoming, Winter formal and Prom, that was so much fun.

There is not anything like this in Thailand. I have my American friends and we hang out and sleep over and do some fun stuff that I’ve never done before.

American people are nice and they are always helping me. It’s a good time to spend my life here in America. I wish someday I could come back to America again.

It will be a great opportunity if you can be an exchange student in America. After I go back to Thailand, I still have the good relationship between my host family and me, it’s like I have another house. People here, they are open minded, funny, friendly and self confident.

I’ve gotten more confident and more open minded and more mature. To be an exchange student or to host an exchange student contact Youth for Understanding at

Love, Sung



Iron Mountain

High School

Host Family: Wanda & James Harts